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Painting is my passion. My paintings are windows into my soul, my life-experiences, and my southern heritage where the ordinary, simple things in life become extraordinary and joyful memories come to life again.

My hope is that my paintings will restore pleasant memories from a meaningful time in your past…the smell of hay in your uncle’s old barn…boating at summer camp…fishing with your dad…picking wild flowers with your mom…hiking in the mountains…or relaxing at the beach.

I paint “Alla Prima,” wet on wet, and exclusively with oil because I love the feel, the smell, the depth of color, the texture, and the forgiveness that oil paint provides. Vibrant colors are used to express my emotions and my point of view.

Even though I am constantly curious and exploring new methods, new ways of expression, new colors, and new genres, I remain constant in my use of the palette knife to achieve the movement and texture for which I am known.

I am frequently asked, how long did it take you to paint that painting, and I always respond, “All my life!”

Painting brings me joy; and I hope my paintings will bring joy, comfort, and happiness into your life as well.